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Incarceration: zwei neue Tracks online

incarceration 2016xxlAm 28. Oktober werden Incarceration ihren ersten vollständigen Arbeitsnachweis „Catharsis“ via FDA Rekotz abliefern. Mit 'Infernal Suffering' und 'Chaos and Blasphemy' gibt nun gleich zwei neue Tracks auf die Ohren. Das Album kommt auf CD, Download und natürlich auch auf Vinyl.

Die Band kommentiert: „It feels like we synthesized in half an hour the suffering and pain of a whole life. The songwriting lasted six years, and there you have a 'best of' of our most killer riffs and our most extreme feelings unleashed through pure death metallic spiritual regurgitation. The goal was to wash our souls and our past through extreme art, extreme music. That’s what we mean with ‘Catharsis’ - you’ll understand when you listen to it. This release is dedicated to you Diehards into the fastest and most frenetic riffs of earlier Slayer, Sepultura, Repugnant, Repulsion, Excoriate, Dark Angel and so on (you know what I mean). For those who already saw us live, know our EP Sacrifice or at least have heard songs like Forsaken and Forgotten you know what to expect: nothing less than an overdose of pure merciless killer death metal devastation, pushed to level 666! Chaos!!!!!“

Viel Spaß mit 'Infernal Suffering' und 'Chaos and Blasphemy':

Track listing:
I - The Beckoning
II - Evoking the Possession
III - Devouring Darkness
IV - Infernal Suffering
V - Chaos and Blasphemy
VI - Purification
VII - Obsessed by Death
VIII - Neverending Agony
IX - Resignation
X - Into the Blackest Void

01/Oct - Hoogeveen, NL @ Graveland Fest *
23/Oct - Hamburg, GER @ Bambi Galore *
24/Oct - Copenhagen, DEN @ Loppen *
25/Oct - Wroclaw, POL @ TBA *
27/Oct - Antwerp, BEL @ Het Bos *
28/Oct - London, UK @ Nambucca *
29/Oct - Liverpool, UK @ TBA *
30/Oct - Limerick, IRE @ Dolans Pub *
31/Oct - Bristol, UK @ TBA *
04/Nov - Wolfsburg, GER @ S.V. Jugendhaus Ost *
05/Nov - Dresden, GER @ Chemiefabrik *
12/Nov - Emden, GER @ Ear Terror Festival
* - w/ Dead Congregation

(Quelle: FDA Rekotz)

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