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Daniel Lofgren

Foto fur Steckbrief danielName: Daniel Lofgren

Geburtsjahr: 1979

Musikalisches Spektrum: Alles zwischen Rock und Pop – was lediglich eine Vereinfachung dafür ist, dass ich vom Folk der späten Sechziger, dem Superstardom-Rock und Progressive der Siebziger über den Synthpop und Metal der Achziger bis hin zum Grunge, Alternative sowie Death- und Black Metal der Neunziger eine große Vielfalt möchte und brauche.

Playlist (Stand: 26.11.2016)

1 Helmet – Dead To The World
2 Suzanne Vega – Lover Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers
3 Hail Spirit Noir – Mayhem In Blue
4 Them – Sweet Hollow
5 The Ruins Of Beverast – Rain Upon The Impur

Die besten Alben 2015:

1 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds – Chasing Yesterday
2 The Night Flight Orchestra – Skyline Whispers
3 Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers
4 Death Hawks – Sun Future Moon
5 Team Sleep – The Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4
6 Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud
7 W.A.S.P. - Golgotha
8 Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
9 Annihilator – Suicide Society
10 Helheim - raunijaR
11 Slayer - Repentless
12 Grave Pleasures - Dreamcrash
13 Mgla – Exercises In Futility
14 Motor Sister – Ride
15 Marduk – Frontschwein
16 Aktor - Paranoia
17 Failure – The Heart Is A Monster
18 My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery
19 Majestic Downfall - ...When Dead
20 Secrets Of The Sky – Pathway
21 Florence And The Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
22 Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear
23 Swervedriver – I Wasn't Born To Lose You
24 The Staves – If I Was
25 Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls

Alltime Top 25 (Metal – in alphabetischer Reihenfolge)

Cathedral – Forest Of Equilibrium
Crimson Glory – Crimson Glory
Dismember – Like An Everflowing Stream
Dissection – Storm Of The Lights Bane
Edge Of Sanity – The Spectral Sorrows
Emperor – In The Nightside Eclipse
Entombed – To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
Fates Warning – Night On Bröcken
Gorefest - False
In The Woods... - HEart Of The Ages
Iron Maiden – Live After Death
Judas Priest – Defenders Of The Faith
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick
Motörhead – 1916
My Dying Bride – Turn Loose The Swans
Paradise Lost - Icon
Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime
Sentenced – Amok
Skid Row – Slave To The Grind
Slayer – South Of Heaven
Tiamat – Wildhoney
Type O' Negative – October Rust
Virgin Steele – The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Part 1
Voivod – Angel Rat
W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol

Alltime Top 25 (Non-Metal – in alphabetischer Reihenfolge)

Afghan Whigs, The – Do To The Beast
Alice In Chains – Dirt
Björk – Homogenic
Candlebox – Happy Pills
Carole King – Tapestry
Depeche Mode – Ultra
Don McLean – American Pie
Elton John – Madman Across The Water
Eurythmics – Greatest Hits
Faith No More – Angel Dust
Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
Guns n' Roses – Chinese Democracy
Joni Mitchell – Song To A Seagull
Led Zeppelin – IV
Madonna – American Life
Nirvana – Unplugged In New York
Pearl Jam - Ten
Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon
Rush – Moving Pictures
Sinéad O' Connor – The Lion And The Cobra
Singles – Songs From The Original Motion Picture
Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
Stevie Nicks – The Wild Heart
Tears For Fears – Songs From The Big Chair
Temple Of The Dog – Temple Of The Dog

Das hörst Du Dir an:

Avulsed - Deathgeneration

Avulsed  Deathgenerationxxl

Cross Vault - Miles To Take

cross vault cover

Witchtrap - Trap The Witch

witchtrap trap the witch coverxxl

Mortualia - Wild, Wild Misery

Mortualia  Wild wild miseryxxl

Hæresiarchs of Dis - Tria Prima Diabolica

Hresiarchs of Dis  Tria prima diabolica

Vernent - Fuego Eterno

Vernent  Fuego eterno

Hagalaz - Northern Gods Descending

Hagalaz  Northern gods descending

Grausig - Di Belakang Garis Musuh

Grausig Final coverxxl

Kypck - Zero

kypck zero coverxxl

Siaskel - Haruwen Airen

SIASKEL Haruwen Airenxxl

Shards of a Lost World - Primum Ritual

Shards of a Lost World  Primum Ritual

Todessucht - Wertlos

Todessucht  Wertlosxxl

Sacrificio - Guerra Eterna

sacrificio coverxxl

Bloodspot - To The Marrow

Bloodspot   To the Marrow   xxl

Black Hole Generator - A Requiem For Terra

black hole

Ilemauzar - The Ascension


Gatecreeper - Sonoran Depravation


Hoath - Codex III: Crown Of The Mind

Hoath Codex III  xxl2

Witchery - In His Infernal Majesty’s Service

witchery 2016xxl

Slegest - Vidsyn

slegest vidsynxxl

Azooma - The Act Of Eye


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